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March 04, 2020 Pitèr Beyt Nature , , , 0 comments
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Training to see different perspectives when entering a home take a bit of skill and practice. Is the target audience seeing it from their phone or laptop? I reflect real colors in photos but also boost them to make them pop out more for my agents listings.

Through the lens.

When entering a home with my equipment, and I like to travel like with a carbon fiber tripod and a flash hooked up to my belt, I like to take a look around first.


There’s a certain square layout for a basic bedroom and the most common perspective is from the door looking in. I’ve had rooms that look basic, but had one differentiating feature that makes it photoworthy. These are worth putting in the mix of photos for MLS because people love to relate.


After looking at the bedrooms and ammenities, I go to the kitchen last. Which makes sense in the way I have my workflow keeping the kitchen best for last. It’s probably the most looked for photo in an MLS, that’s why we take care on these shots to make it look as homey as possible.

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